Executive Coaching



Executive coaching can be an extremely powerful tool for improving effectiveness, engagement, and fulfillment of  your team members. At its best, coaching is an applied, embodied and context-rich learning process that helps people develop the values, capacities and skills to become outstanding contributors and leaders to their organizations. 

Google CEO Eric Schmidt famously said, “Everyone needs a coach.” While organization often think of coaching for high potential employees or those are contributing but have challenges, the truth is that coaching can have a powerful positive impact across most organizations when engaged with sincerely and with commitment. 

Powerful coaching happens when you have four fundamental ingredients: a coaching model that is rich and deep, grounded in both practical realities and powerful theories and practices for developing as a leader and as a human being; an open, trusting relationship between the client and the coach; a capable, seasoned coach that has both the skills and the practical wisdom to know what can most effectively address the needs of the client; and the willingness of the client to engage in the process and apply the learning in real-time action.


Leadership Development

  • Enhance engagement, commitment and initiative 
  • Develop capacity for feedback and powerful relationships
  • Bring greater well-being, balance and resilience
  • Increase leadership skills and capacities 
  • Increase capacity for complex and nuanced thinking

Addressing Challenges

  • Reduce turnover or disengagement due to perceived lack of leadership
  • Overcome personal, organizational or strategic conflict that is interfering with collaboration
  • Close gap between leadership skills and demands of role
  • Smooth transitions for individuals moving into new roles
  • Reduce stress and emotional reactivity that may be interfering with performance 


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About Geoff

For more than 25 years, Geoff has studied and worked in transformative learning and growth, business, leadership development and organizational change, where he brings deep capacities for insight, synthesis, and creativity in helping individuals and organizations to evolve to greater integrity, effectiveness, and agility.  Geoff combines a practical, grounded background in business, with a deep capacity to coach, teach, and mentors others to greater fulfillment and contribution. 

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The Case for Executive Coaching

Reasons organizations seek executive coaching:

  • To develop the leadership skills of  high-potential individuals (86%).
  • To improve the odds that newly promoted managers would be successful (64%).
  • To develop management and leadership skills among their technical people (59%).
  • To correct behavioral problems at the management level (70%).
  • To help leaders resolve interpersonal conflicts among employees (59%).

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