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Personal Coaching

What to expect 

  • greater sense of freedom, ease and happiness in work and life
  • dramatically improved relationships
  • clearer sense of your purpose, vision and goals for yourself
  • less stress and overwhelm
  • inner alignment – a more friendly relationship with yourself, others, and your life
  • resolving and moving beyond situations that seem stuck
  • greater ability to lead others toward the outcomes you desire
  • improved team morale and engagement
  • emotional balance and ease with difficult emotions
  • deeper sense of spiritual connection and meaning

About Coaching

Powerful coaching happens when you have four fundamental ingredients: a coaching model that is rich and deep, grounded in both practical realities and powerful theories and practices for developing as a leader and as a human being; an open, trusting relationship between the client and the coach; a capable, seasoned coach that has both the skills and the practical wisdom to know what can most effectively address the needs of the client; and the willingness of the client to engage in the process and apply the learning in real-time action.

The coaching approach I use is integral and embodied, which in its simplest means it incorporates all of your reality and all of you into the process. It is based on a broad range of theories and practices of change that include philosophical, psychological, social, organizational, spiritual and physical dimensions, integrated with wisdom gained in over 25 years of leadership, coaching, teaching, and learning.

Coaching is not just a set of tools and techniques. At its essence it is a transformative relationship, based on trust, which develops over time. To be honest, not all coaching relationships develop the trust to be truly transforming. As you may have noticed, relationships can be fickle and seem to have a mind of their own. We are both human; we mess up; we misunderstand each other. One thing you can count on, however, is that I will always be accountable for the trust in our relationship. I will always strive to deepen the trust. I will always be committed to truthfulness, compassion, and to your deepest intentions. And no matter who is the coach, you’ll need to bring this kind of commitment, too, if you want to get the most out of a coaching relationship.

Practical Details

Coaching programs begin with an assessment and inquiry process that sheds light on your strengths and challenges, your current reality, and identifies specific outcomes that provide an orienting compass for our work. We continually adjust and refine these directions as we work together.

We will typically meet 2-5 times per month, usually for an hour. Every four to six weeks we will have a longer, more in-depth meeting. Most meetings occur by phone, but may also occur at your offices, my office, or another location. Outside of scheduled meetings, I am available to coaching clients by email or phone for urgent consultations.

Our work together will include feedback, reflection and practice. In addition, you will likely get reading assignments, practices to apply between the sessions, and specific strategies and tactics to address immediate challenges.

Although most work is one-on-one, a client and I occasionally decide to include others. We may do this when there are particularly challenging relationships or situations, to solicit feedback from colleagues, or to work with the client in real-time in a specific context. I may also occasionally suggest that we include another coach or consultant if I feel you have a specific need that they would be best suited to address.

If you decide to engage me for coaching you can stop at any time. I will, however, likely ask you to make an initial commitment to the process. Coaching will yield immediate benefits, but the most important results come with your engagement and commitment to your own growth and vision, as well as the relationship and understanding we develop together over time. Typically I suggest an initial commitment of six to 12 months for new clients.

To get started, simply contact me and we will have an initial conversation to talk about your situation and see if coaching is right for you.