Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a process for healing and growth that synthesizes somatic psychology and spiritual development. It is an approach to whole person development that can be deeply healing, liberating and transformative. Core releases deeply held emotional blocks, defenses, and belief systems that have been preventing the free flow of energy and consciousness. It helps bring awareness to the way we block our life force energy and provides a pathway to reclaim our freedom and agency to move our life towards greater fulfillment. 


Your Human Birthright

The human being is a unity of body, mind, emotion, spirit and the will to move towards the world to connect, love, and express. At the center of this being is the core, a source of unimpeded life force energy and consciousness. When we are young, that flow is free and innocent, open, trusting. It is the pulsatory movement towards life, an impulse to unify with the whole of existence – Love.

Do you remember a time when you felt this?

Stopping our Life Force

At some point in life this flow is blocked, not seen, interfered with. As a child, we react to this block with anger or hurt. This rage is unimpeded and flowing, too. All life has this protective instinct, to push back when the environment is not supportive. 

Often it is forbidden to express this "no" to what stopped you. The innocent movement of the self is stopped, but so is the fight against the intrusion. See if you remember this happening in life. You were told you needed to be good, to fit in, to be nice, when you didn’t really feel this way.  You were actually angry but had to hold it in.

Where did that go in you? 



Getting Along

We learned to withhold our life force, to distort it and structure it in our bodies, emotions and mind. When this happens, chronic tensions in the body develop. A mood about life develops - maybe resignation, fear, enduring, superiority, striving. Beliefs and images about yourself, the world and life anchor this withheld energy. This helps you survive and move forward in life, but it also makes it so you can’t feel the tender feelings and impulses of that innocent essence that you are, and the tragedy of their denial.

The message is – be nice, be good, be competent. So we develop a way we present ourselves to the world and handle life, while holding these contradictions. We learn to get along, be socially acceptable, attractive, powerful. 



The Process of Liberation

The process of liberation involves unwinding this process. It begins with seeing and going beneath the way we hold it together to acknowledging our true feelings. We can liberate that withheld energy, come to know it and own it. 

Through that we come to discover the ways we hold ourselves out of life. How we can blame, judge, hide, make demands on others when we are unwilling to vulnerably step forward in life. We can begin to acknowledge what we want without rejection or blame. 

In doing so, we can reencounter our essential self. Our tender, true needs in life, which only we can be responsible for in the face of a vulnerably imperfect world. The joy, wonder, love, creativity that can flow from the center of our being. We can become committed to living from love rather than fear, from responsibility rather than blame, from innocence rather than certainty. We can let this core truth inform and shape every aspect of our lives, to allow our being and world to unfold as it is meant to.