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Get Ready for the Learning Adventure of your Life.


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Personal Growth

Dive into a profound journey of personal development. Gain greater self-awareness, emotional resilience, confidence, relationship fulfillment and effectiveness in your work. Our evolutionary potential is our birthright, and is deep, paradoxical, and precious.

Overcoming Obstacles

Life provides for us a hidden curriculum, a set of challenges and obstacles, which can be painful and even overwhelming. Open your heart to the human experience and you will see it is as once sublime and full of suffering. Finding relief, healing and liberation is possible. 


Group Effectiveness

Consciousness and creativity evolve in us both as individuals and as collectives. When we come together as a group, we can experience ourselves as limited by the group or liberated by it. Similarly our thinking, sensing and acting can limit or liberate the groups we are a part of. Whether you are part of an organization, team, family or community, aligning personal and collective growth liberates potential. 

Navigating Challenges

Groups find themselves at critical junctures, on the brink of new possibilities, facing critical challenges, with a sense of great potential. At the same time, breakdowns in trust or old habits of relating can leave you feeling stuck. Facilitating these passages effectively can set the stage for expanded growth while healing breakdowns and hurt from the past. 


I have Three Questions for You:


What do you really want?
What thinking or actions are standing in your way of it?
Who would you be if you had what you really want?

Don’t answer too quickly. The mind is fast to answer, but these questions aren’t for the mind. Take a moment to have a deep breath and read the first one. Let it land in your heart and listen for what the answer might be for you. Then continue to the others in the same way. There are no right answers but if you sit with them quietly, they will reveal a sense of what is next for you.

Want to get there? I can help. Get in touch.

I received life-altering experiences, insights, and practices.
… empowering and liberating.
[Geoff has] an ability to bypass the B.S. and see what really maters, [helping me] enact change faster than I could have individually.
very knowledgeable… a genuine interest in the challenges facing his clients.